Decorating On A Budget: Paint projects to spruce up your home

It may not come to you as a big shock that paint can offer the biggest bang for your decorating buck.  For under a hundred dollars the right colour can transform a room.  But why stop with walls? Paint can update furniture, revamp lamps, even give new life to a wood floor.  Here are a few simple and budget-friendly paint projects to try in your home. Have fun!

4 Budget Friendly Paint Projects

1. Create a chalkboard. Use chalkboard paint on a bare wall. Frame it with some white trim or leave it as is, and you’ve got a fun drawing surface for a kids’ room, a kitchen, or rec room.

2. Reinvent your furniture. Got an old dresser that’s ugly but serviceable? Give it a quick face lift with a can of paint and some new hardware. A coat of soft white will make it look fresh and romantic; glossy black adds drama and a modern touch.

3. Antique it. Want to make that new bookcase look like an heirloom? Paint it, let it dry, then use 100 grit sandpaper to lightly sand off patches of paint. For an authentic look, sand in places where the paint would naturally have worn over time.

4. Do a cheap and cheerful kitchen “reno.” Don’t have the budget for a complete kitchen overhaul? Paint it. Give the cabinets a fresh coat and replace the hardware. But don’t stop there. Super-adherent primers will let you paint over a surprising range of surfaces, including laminate countertops, tile, floors and more.  Ask your local hardware store or specialty paint store for more information on the material you will require to complete those types of projects.

You can paint practically anything, anywhere – all it takes is some hard work and a little imagination, to create a unique space without spending a fortune.


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