Home Organization: Closet organization tips

Do you ever find yourself rooting through clothes in your closet to find the perfect outfit to got to work in?  If you have (and I’d be pretty impressed if you haven’t!) you’re probably aware that it isn’t the best or most effective way to start your day!  But the reality is that whether you have a huge walk-in or a tiny reach-in closet, odds are fairly high that at some point it becomes unorganized and messy.  Here are some simple closet organization tips to help turn your closet into the definition of organized!

Home Organization: Closet organization tips

Go through everything in your closet and get rid of anything you don’t wear. Be relentless. If you haven’t worn it in a year, toss it.

Store your off-season stuff.
Put your summer clothes into airtight storage containers and stow them on a shelf, under your bed, or in your storage room, laundry room or attic.

Understand what you need to put in your closet. Hundreds of shoes? Lots of long dresses? Work shirts and pants? Design for your needs with rods and shelves set at different heights:
– Rods hung at 64″ (162 cm) are good for floor-length gowns, robes and coats.
– Rods at 54″ (137 cm) work for shorter dresses and pants hung by the cuff.
– 38″- 42″ (96 – 107 cm) accommodates shirts, jackets and folded pants.
– Double your hanging space by using a rod that can be hooked directly onto the one above – no carpentry skills needed!

Think 360º.
Use every inch of available space. Add a shelf just below the ceiling to store extra blankets. Put hooks onto any open wall space. Install a shoe rack on the back of the closet door. Use roll-out storage boxes on the floor.

Utilize every inch of space with a customized closet system. You can do it yourself with a range of options available at your local home improvement store – including expandable systems that don’t require cutting or installation tools. Alternatively, work with a professional or company that specializes in closets. They can be pricey, so be specific about what you want and shop around.

Design in visibility.
Instead of using closet drawers where you can only see the top layer of clothing, install wire baskets or see-through plastic bins. Stack sweaters and t-shirts on open shelves piled 3-4 high so you can pull out the bottom item without knocking over the pile.

Make a spot for shoes.
Keep the floor tidy and your shoes protected. Build in cubby holes, slanted shelving, or use clear plastic boxes. Pocket-style shoe racks or canvas shoe “shelves” suspended from a rod are good options for quick and easy installation.

Go with good hangers.
Wood, padded or sturdy plastic hangers help keep the shape of your clothes. Avoid wire hangers – they do horrible things to shoulders and get tangled easily. Recycle wire hangers at your local dry cleaner.

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