7 Ways To Make A Small Space Seem Bigger

Small space living is a realty for many people living in Toronto. Here are 7 ways to make a small space seem larger than it really is.

Home Organization: Closet organization tips

Do you ever find yourself rooting through clothes in your closet to find the perfect outfit to got to work in?  If you have (and I’d be pretty impressed if you haven’t!) you’re probably aware that it isn’t the best or most effective way to start your day!  But the reality is that whether you […]

DIY Friday:Space Saver Tips for Houses & Condos

We can all benefit from a periodic check-in to see if we are making the best use of our space. Below you will find space saver tips for houses and condos.

Make an Entrance! Warm Up Your Entryway This Season

We’ve been fortunate this year in Toronto to have had a beautiful fall, but face it the weather will change and with that change will come piles of coats, slushy boots, and soggy mittens. Where will they end? Most likely all in your front hall!