Moving Made Easy: 10 Quick Tips

In my opinion it is quite possible that moving may be the most stressful part of purchasing a new home.   Between packing things up, deciding what to keep and what to throw away, and trying to live a normal life at the same time, moving can be an extremely un-enjoyable event.

It doesn’t need to be.  Moving into a new home should be an exciting time, the start of something new and a time to organize and get rid of unwanted junk and unnecessary clutter.  With a little organization things will go smoothly.  Check out my list below for some basic things that will help your moving day go smoothly.

1. If using movers, do some research and book early, keep in mind that often prices vary based on day of the week and time of the month (the end being more expensive).  Check out BlogTo’s “The Best Movers in Toronto” list for some suggestions.

2. Pack an essentials box. This box should contain the basic essentials for a 24 hour period, items like toiletries, basic kitchen utensils, coffee and coffee maker, dish soap and scissors and a craft knife (to help you get into the other boxes!).

3. Keep all your electronic cables and remotes together.

4. Arrange for your pets to be looked after on the day of your move, moving is stressful even for our 4 legged friends!

5. If you live in a building with an elevator make sure you book it ahead of time.

6. Label all of your boxes with the room that they will be in at the new location. If you’re using movers you may want to consider colour coding the boxes with ribbons on door handles of your new home, that way you won’t have to worry about movers not knowing which room is being used for which purpose.

7. Start early, don’t leave packing for the last minute.  The more you do early on the more organized you’ll feel as the day approaches.

8. Arrange for utilities to be transferred to your new home.

9. Make a check list early on and keep it up to date so everyone in the family knows what needs to be done.

10. Get and submit a change of address form from the post office.

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