Remove Emotion When Selling

Remove Emotion When Selling
When selling your home, most real estate experts will agree that being too emotionally attached to your it can lead to poor decision making, such as making hasty choices based on feelings rather than facts.
Of course, removing emotion from the equation is easier said than done. After all, it is your home. It’s only natural to be emotionally connected to it. So, how do you ensure that emotions don’t get in the way of selling your house quickly and for the best price? Here are some strategies:

  • Think of selling your property as a business transaction only. Focus your emotions on the new home you’ll be moving into soon.
  • Stow as many personal items as possible, such as trophies and family pictures.  You are going to be moving so starting to pack things up will only make things easier!   Turn your home into an attractive product that buyers can see their personal items in.
  • If a buyer makes a negative comment about your property – “I hate the deck colour.” – don’t take it personally, there are many different decorating styles and tastes that don’t necessarily match yours!
  • Avoid judging offers to buy your house based on whether or not you like the buyer.

Finally, whenever you make a decision during the home selling process, ask yourself: “Am I making this decision based on fact or emotion?” If the answer is “fact” then, chances are, you’re on solid footing.

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