Renovating: Keep yourself organized with this project milestone checklist

Here is a simple truth: renovating your home can be one of the most frustrating undertakings of being a homeowner.  I can personally attest to it!  The reality for many home owners (especially) in Toronto where there are many older homes, is that renovations are going to happen.  In the past I’ve written blogs on how to make this process easier; tips on how to find and hire contractors and what can happen when you rush into projects.  I recently came across a helpful Project Checklist put together by the Canadian Home Builders’ Association (CHBA) and the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) that is a concise list of renovation milestones that home owners’ should be aware of.  Check the list out below.

Project Checklist

  1. Ask around about contractors
  2. Interview contractors
  3. Follow up on contractor references
  4. Select contractors to supply quotes and provide them with the same information
  5. Obtain building permit if required by municipality, or have your contractor do this for you
  6. Check with provincial government about applicable lien regulations and requirements
  7. Call insurance company to ensure your coverage includes construction related risks
  8. Verify contractor’s business liability insurance
  9. Verify that required Workers’ Compensation coverage is in place
  10. Insist on a written contract – don’t do business with anyone who won’t provide one
  11. Read the contract details to make certain it represents what you have  agreed to
  12. Make sure the contract includes a clear warranty
  13. Sign it and have your contractor sign it
  14. Keep written receipts for all payments
  15. Get any changes to the signed contract in writing
  16. Follow up on any warranty issues in a timely manner

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