Winter Maintenance Checklist

With winter just around the corner it’s a good time to ask yourself; is my home ready for the season? Having a handle on general upkeep of your home and performing regular maintenance is the key to keeping your house in good repair.

Kitchen Renovations: A survival checklist

Kitchen renovations are at the top of a lot of homeowner’s wish lists – here are some tips on how to survive the process.

Winter Maintenance Checklist For Your Home

Most chores can be divided by season, so now is the time to get your winter maintenance checklist ready.

DIY Friday: Fall Home Maintenance

With the first official day of fall just a few days away it’s a great time to start thinking about fall home maintenance and getting a head start on preparing your place for the cooler seasons.

DIY Friday: Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

Below I have posted a summertime home maintenance checklist – use it as a guideline for creating your own home maintenance schedule.

Buyers’ Corner: Don’t forget the home hunting equipment!

Home hunting should be an enjoyable process, yet for many it turns into an arduous task. Here are 5 tips on how to make the day go well.

Buyers Corner: Beware of Home Hunting Burnout!

Home hunting can be a grind. If you’re not careful, it can easily take both an emotional and physical toll on you.

DIY Friday: Time to get out the homeowner’s spring checklist!

With spring just around the corner and March Break upon us I thought it would be a good time to remind all of you homeowner’s that now is the time to get a start on your spring checklist.

Planning A Renovation: A summary of common mistakes that you really should try to avoid!

Planning a renovation for 2013? When you start planning your project you should realize that knowing what you shouldn’t do is almost as important as knowing what you should do! Check out the following 10 common mistakes made by those planning for a home renovation and do your best to avoid them!

Quick Tips For Preventing Water Damage To Your Home

If you’ve every had water damage to your home due to a heavy rain storm, burst pipe or a roof leak you’ll understand just how disruptive, expensive and annoying the results are to deal with.