Renovations: 5 projects that add value to your home

The weather had turned nice again, the winter is behind us (although if you’re reading this in Calgary today you may disagree with me about that!), and the season that marks the beginning of home improvements and renovations for many, has begun!  The decision about which project to undertake this season is the starting point in the process.

So what are the best home improvement projects for you?

This will vary depending on what you are planning to do in the immediate future.  Those of you that are planning on staying in your current house for years or decades to come will most likely want to start in on the projects that will make your property more enjoyable for you and the family.  Those of you that are trying to sell your house will want to start in on the projects that will add value to your property when you put it on the market.

The tips below are five renovation ideas that will help to add value to your home in the resale market.

  1. Painting: This is one thing you should not skip if you’re planning on selling, make sure to choose a neutral and tasteful colour.
  2. Kitchen remodelling:  This typically isn’t a cheap renovation, but the kitchen is a focal point for many buyers so investing some time and money into this room makes a lot of sense. Make sure to plan ahead if you do undertake renovating your kitchen as careful shopping and ordering of products goes a long way in keeping the cost of this project under control.
  3. Bathroom remodelling and or addition: Much like the kitchen, the bathroom is an important room (or rooms) for many buyers.   If you live in a neighbourhood where most houses have multiple bathrooms and you only have one, you should consider adding another one.  Whether adding a new bathroom, or remodelling an old one, or both, remember to keep the colour palette neutral
  4. Finishing unfinished space: Whether it’s an attic or a basement, by finishing these spaces you can add significant value to your home.
  5. Window/door replacement:  If your windows are old and worn, looking like they’re leaking all the heat or air conditioning out of your home, consider this a great way to spend your renovation dollars!


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