Selling This Spring? Get started with these three simple tips

If you are considering selling this spring you may find yourself concerned with all the work involved in getting your home ready for the market.  It certainly can be an overwhelming task if you aren’t accustomed to selling real estate! That is why my team and I work closely with our clients to ensure that this process is as painless as possible.  Part of listing your home with us involves an in-depth home assessment where we put together a to-do list for your property.  The list includes specific things that need to be done to have your place ready for the market.  We also work with a fine group of professionals (Stagers, Movers, General Contractors, etc.) that we can recommend to help get a large variety of  projects done.

There are some simple tips that we’d like to share with you now on how to properly get your property ready for selling. Check out these selling tips below.  If you have any additional questions or would like to book your in-depth home assessment, feel free to contact me directly at any time.  When you’re ready to sell – know that we’re ready to get started!

3 Simple Steps For Preparing Your Home For Selling

  • Begin the purge.  Think of this as a good time to put your house on a diet!  Give consideration to the appeal of a tidy and organized house and begin removing or donating both the things that clutter your home and the things you don’t want to move with you. Choose a drawer, shelf or storage bin, and begin streamlining, room-by-room, a bit at a time. Seasonal changes can create great opportunities for sorting unworn clothes. You’ll be happy to have less on moving day and your closets will look bigger to potential buyers.
  • Fix what’s broken or damaged.  Determine what house maintenance is in order. To pass a home inspection, certain repairs may be unavoidable. Taking care of these issues now will ease your burden later and improve your sales opportunities. Simple repairs are also well worth the effort. Painting those chipped shutters and replacing the broken banister rail will provide a return in creating the right impression for a timely sale.
  • Think like a buyer.  This can be the hardest step when selling  since we love our homes and generally assume others will too. Accept that potential buyers have different tastes.  Consider basic staging techniques such as putting away personal items like photos and trophies; cleaning and sanitizing inside and out, from top to bottom; freshening and neutralizing your colour scheme; eliminating pet and food odours; enhancing the illusion of space, beautifying your backyard.

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