Space In Your Kitchen – How To Make More of It!

Find yourself in need of more storage space in your kitchen? Do you have a growing collection of cookware, tableware, and supplies that need a home?

If you don’t have the budget or just aren’t interested in doing a full renovation, there are other options.

Check out these simple ideas:
  • Pantry dividers and cabinet organizers. These enable you to store baking sheets, cutting boards, pot lids and platters in an upright position, effectively doubling the storage capacity of that area.
  • Wine racks. This can be something as simple as an X shaped box made with wood and then slid into a cabinet space. Or something wall mounted. You can even make one yourself or even use it for something other than wine!
  • Install under the shelf hooks and baskets. This is a great way to add more space inside of your cupboards! Check out these two options from Wayfair.
  • Hang your Stemware. Wine glasses look great hanging underneath a cabinet and can do a lot to create more space in your kitchen!
Check out this option on Amazon
  • Hanging baskets. These are ideal for storing cooking utensils, fruit, vegetables, pasta and other items.
  • Hanging wall rods and wall storage. This is similar to a towel rack, except you use S-shaped hooks – which you can find at any home improvement store or Ikea – to hang pots, pans and other items.
  • Make use of the cabinet doors that you do have. The inside of your cupboard doors have a ton of storage potential. Install over-the-door storage racks, hooks and other organizational tools. This is a great way to add more storage space to your kitchen.
  • Install a magnetic knife rack on the wall. Knife blocks can be rather bulky and can take up a lot of precious counter space. Magnetic racks are a great way to help free up that counter space.


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