Viewing A Home? What to Look For

Viewing a home over the past year and (almost) a half, has been a bit more challenging than it was prior to Covid-19. Public Open Houses have been stopped. Private viewing times have become more restrictive (most only allow a half hour showing and pretty much all do not allow more than one group of viewers at a time.

Now, more than ever, it is important that you understand what you need (and want!) in your new home.

In the past when viewing a home for sale, many buyers would look at a property from a “macro” perspective. Asking themselves questions like: “Is it large enough?”; “Are there enough bedrooms?”; “Is it in a nice neighbourhood?”

While those questions are still important, it also pays to consider a potential new home from a “micro” perspective.

Here are some things to consider when viewing a home;

Living room and family room. Are they large enough to fit all of your furniture? Are the rooms conducive to family get-togethers and entertaining? Do you need a separate living room and family room?

Kitchen. Is it important to have enough space to eat comfortably in the kitchen as well as the dining room? Does the kitchen have all the cupboard and other storage space you need?

Bathroom. Is there a main floor bathroom, is it uncomfortably small? Is there an ensuite bathroom? Does it have all the features you desire, such as a large tub and/or separate shower? Do you need double sinks?

Bedrooms. Is the master bedroom large enough to fit your bed and other furniture? Does it have the closet space you need? Are the other bedrooms large enough for your needs? (It’s a good idea to get the measurements of these rooms as it can be difficult to judge measurements during a viewing.)

Storage space. This is particularly important if you’re shopping for a condo. Does the storage space or locker have the space you need?

Closets. Are there enough closets for your needs? Is there the ability to build more?

Garage. Homeowners use the garage for more than just cars. If you plan to use this space for storage or hobbies, check that the garage will be suitable for those purposes.

viewing a home

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