Condominium Renovations: 8 tips to getting your project started on the right foot!

Renovating a condo is different than renovating a house, there are factors that can easily put your project on hold or sidetrack you from getting the job done quickly and efficiently. Below are some simple tips to get your condo renovation started on the right foot.

Quiz: What Kind of Homeowner Are You?

Here’s a simple question, if you had to put your home on the market tomorrow, how ready would it be for showing? Some of you may be confident as you keep your house in top-notch (clean and organized) shape; others may be afraid about the work involved as you may let some household chores slide.

6 Tips For Maintaining Your Wood-Heating Systems

It’s become that time of year again when most of us have turned back on our furnaces and heating systems. For those of you that own wood- heating systems, have you taken the time to make sure that your system is ready for the season?