Thinking about selling – now may be the time.

Did that headline catch you off guard? Keep reading!

So much time and ink has been spent focusing on all of the problems our current real estate market is facing. I understand you might be a bit conflicted about the idea of selling now.

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog talking about what we might expect from this year’s market. In general, I sensed that things were poised to get better not worse.

This prediction now seems to be true. Things are turning around and now even mainstream media outlets are finally starting to change the tune of their reports.

In an article published today by the Globe and Mail entitled “Toronto real estate market sparks back to life” they seem to be on board with what we have been feeling happening in the market for the past month and a half.

It really does look as if things are actually trending upwards for the Toronto real estate market.

Consider the following scenario as prime example of the market trending upward.

This week my client offered on a lovely 2 bedroom semi-detached home located in the east end, just off of the Danforth. The house was listed well under what the seller was ultimately hoping to receive. This was obvious as the other half of this particular semi-detached had sold in November 2022 for a substantially higher amount.

The differences between the houses were minimal. In fact the one that sold in November was a superior renovation by a bit of a margin.

As the day progressed the offers started rolling in – 18 of them.


Prior to learning the selling price of this home, it was pretty evident that if it did in fact sell for more than its twin next door, this would be further proof that the market is starting to rebound.

Without drawing this out any further – I’ll tell you the outcome! The home sold for $70,000 higher than its attached twin did in November 2022.

So what is the moral of the story? It’s simple, prices certainly fell from the frenzy of January and February 2022, but now things seem to have started to reverse coarse.

The fact that there are currently 17 other buyers out there from this one house, and at the point of writing this article there aren’t 17 new listings for them to buy is something else to consider! Inventory is low and buyers are still buying. As long as this desparity betwen supply and demand continues, prices will more than likely also continue to increase.

So I will leave you with the thought I started with. If you’re thinking about selling this season, now might be the time.


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