Renovating Your Bathroom? Check out these sensible tips

Source: via Charles on Pinterest


Planning to remodel or renovate your bathroom in 2013?  You are probably not alone as bathroom renovations are pretty popular with homeowners.  Whether you are renovating for yourself or are getting your home ready for selling, there are a few things you should keep in mind before starting your project.  Check out these tips and have fun!

  • What to walk on?  There are many excellent choices for bathroom flooring including marble and stone which are both excellent, durable, and (importantly) water-resistant choices.  Don’t be afraid of wood flooring (it can add a lovely character to the bathroom) but be aware that if you go this route you need to make sure hardwood is properly installed and sealed.
  • Do you really want to use a flashlight to get ready?  Make sure to install proper lighting as good lighting is essential in the bathroom. Combine different types of lighting (recessed, wall sconces and pendants) and always install dimmers (this pretty much is a rule of thumb for the entire house!).
  • Try it out! When it’s time to pick out the perfect bathtub for your bathroom make sure it works for you!  Be sure to sit in it before you complete the purchase.  
  • Avocado green you say?  For those of you that remember that lovely colour phenomenon, you’ll probably realize that you’d like to forget how it looked as a toilet!  Or more importantly how limiting it was for choosing colour palettes and decorating the rest of the bathroom!  When picking out fixtures for your new bathroom remember that white or cream coloured fixtures are best as they have a popularity longevity that precious few other colours share.
  • White really does make it look bigger!  So if you don’t like pure white think at least of off-white or other neutral colour palettes as they will help even the smallest of bathrooms look larger.  If you feel deprived, use your favourite colour for  accessories and towels.
  • Don’t cheap out on the toilet! This doesn’t mean look for the most expensive one, it simply means buy a quality fixture, one that will function properly, limit water usage and (of course) provide comfort!
  • Paint it…with the right paint!  Make sure that it can handle the moisture levels usually associated with a bathroom (semi-gloss or gloss paints with a mould inhibitor are good choices).
  • You know what’s not good? Mould! In order to prevent it make sure you allow for proper ventilation.
  • It’s going to arrive WHEN?  You’re going to want to make sure that all of your fixtures, fittings, flooring and other bathroom items will be ready, available or delivered when the renovation begins (not after it’s supposed to be finished!).
  • Just because they’re cheap doesn’t mean you should hire them!  This is especially true for contractors and builders.  My advice is as follows: don’t hire based solely on their price tag.  You should always, always, always (you get the picture!) ask for references and for examples of completed projects.  Research the person or company you are hiring so you know they will actually take your project from concept to completion.

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