Top do-it-yourself renovations with best return on investment

Enjoy doing work on your home?  Like the challenge of completing Do-It-Yourself projects?  Thinking about what is next on your list now that the weather is slowly starting to turn gloomier and colder?  If you’ve said yes to any of these questions and you’re in the process of trying to decide which project to start, take the time to check out the list below.  It’s a list of  do-it-yourself projects with the best return on investment put together by Royal LePage that might help you decide which project to begin.


Paint the interior $1,000 50-100%
Replace carpeting with affordable laminate $2,000 (for 1,000 square-foot space) 50-75%
Install new light fixtures $2,000 60-70%
Groom the exterior landscape $2,000 25-50%
Replace knobs and hardware $2,000 75-100%
Update the entryway $3,000 50-75%
Replace carpeting and laminate floors with hardwood $5,000 (for 1,000 square-foot space) 50-75%
Build a fence/deck $5,000 50-75%

*Assumes mid-grade quality finishes, labour excluded

** Source: Appraisal Institute of Canada RENOVA, Royal LePage


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