Shopping Locally: Toronto Farmers’ Markets for the 2013 Season

We are fortunate in Toronto to have a wonderful choice of local Farmers’ Markets throughout the City.  The number of Markets has grown over the past 5 years and, fortunately,  they are located are located all over the place.  If you are in the downtown area you have Trinity Bellwoods (which operates on Tuesday’s between […]

Off-leash dog parks in Toronto: Where to find one & how to request one in your neighbourhood

If you own a dog in Toronto you are most likely familiar with your nearest off-leash dog park.  For those of you that own a dog and are thinking about moving to an unfamiliar part of the city,  or would like to visit another neighbourhood with your dog, or for those of you that are thinking […]

City of Toronto Prohibited Animals: Make sure to check out this list before you buy your own unusual pet!

With all the excitement that Darwin the ‘IKEA Monkey’ has created, I thought it would be a great time to re-visit an old blog post I wrote a while ago regarding what animals you cannot own in the City of Toronto.

Light Bright! Consider these safety tips when hanging up your seasonal outdoor lighting

It’s the season when many home and condo owners start stringing up their seasonal outdoor lights. Here are 7 safety tips to consider if you happen to be one of those people!

Decorating For Halloween: Unleash the artist within and try some of these cool jack-o-lanterns!

With Halloween quickly approaching, many of you many be getting your homes ready this weekend for this years festivities.

Feel Like Going For A Swim? Check out these swimmer-friendly GTA Beaches

Looking for a place to go for a swim this summer? With the weather predictions showing a hot and humid weekend ahead, it would make sense! Fortunately, you have some options.

Summerlicious: Celebrating 10 Delicious Years of Toronto Cuisine July 6 – 22, 2012

Starting this Friday the 10th celebration of Summerlicious begins! With over 180 restaurants all over the city of Toronto offering three-course prix fixe menus, this is an event you really shouldn’t miss!

Doors Open Toronto 2012: May 26th and 27th

Looking for something to do this weekend? Consider checking out Doors Open Toronto. With almost 150 buildings throughout the city opening their doors (for free) this is a great event!

Shopping Locally: Toronto Farmer’s Markets for the 2012 Season

We are fortunate in Toronto to have a wonderful choice of local Farmer’s Markets throughout the City. Some of them are open year around but for others it’s that time of year again when local produce is available and they are getting geared up for another season.

Indoor Air Quality: 12 tips to improve the air quality in your home

As Canadians, we spend a lot of our time indoors; at home, at work and in recreational environments. Most, however, are unaware of the effects poor indoor air quality can have or that indoor air pollution can sometimes be worse than outdoor air pollution. Effects can range from headaches, nausea…