Greening It Up: Tips for taking you and your household down a greener, environmentally-friendlier path!

Going green really isn’t that difficult, in fact there are many things that each of us can do every day in our homes that will help to play a part in reducing the waste in landfills, cleaning the air we breathe and helping to preserve the landscape around us.

Shopping Locally: Toronto Farmer’s Markets for the 2012 Season

We are fortunate in Toronto to have a wonderful choice of local Farmer’s Markets throughout the City. Some of them are open year around but for others it’s that time of year again when local produce is available and they are getting geared up for another season.

Shopping Locally: So where’s your local Farmers’ Market?

It’s that time of year again that local produce is available and the local markets can start to open up. Over the past 5 years our city has seen a huge amount of Farmers’ Markets open. Undoubtedly providing some of the freshest produce our city has access to and with…