Maintaining Your Home: Tips for improving the energy-efficiency of your home

Below you will find a few tips for improving your home’s energy-efficiency that you can add to your seasonal maintenance schedule

Green Living: Water & energy saving tips for your condo

This is a list of energy saving tips for condo owners, to help you save money, add resale value and to make your living space more environmentally friendly.

Greening It Up: Tips for taking you and your household down a greener, environmentally-friendlier path!

Going green really isn’t that difficult, in fact there are many things that each of us can do every day in our homes that will help to play a part in reducing the waste in landfills, cleaning the air we breathe and helping to preserve the landscape around us.

Greening Up Toronto: Get A Live Green Toronto Membership Card & Support Local Environmentally Friendly Businesses

Living green can encompass a lot of things from eating organics, planting trees, using your recycling bins and reusing containers you would normally throw away. Where you spend your money and what your purchase with it are also a big part of ‘greening’ up your lifestyle.

Energy Efficiency: Tips for energy efficient improvements that you can make to your property

Home improvements increase your home enjoyment, but they also affect your home’s resale value. The expense of energy means that for many Canadians they will search for energy efficient properties when shopping around. Here are some tips that will help you plan for your energy efficiency improvements with a focus on resale value:

Energy Efficiency: Tips for energy efficient renovations

Home improvements increase your home enjoyment and they affect both the cost of running your home and the value of your home when it comes time to sell.   Choosing to make your home energy-efficient is not only a smart choice for minimizing the impact that you will personally have on generations to come but […]

10 Tips For Staying Cool the Green Way

It’s cool to be green, and green can keep you cool – especially in hot weather. Here are ten tips for maintaining a comfortable home without relying on the air conditioner this summer.

CIVIC ACTION | Two Toronto neighbourhoods on quest to become Canada’s first urban carbon neutral communities

On the weekend two Toronto Neighbourhoods, Riverdale and the Junction, started on their quest to become Canada’s first urban carbon neutral communities. The launch parties happened on Saturday and now in the first stage of the project, home and businesses in the two areas will be surveyed to develop a…