DIY Friday: How to save money on your home renovation project

Check out these 10 tips for ways that you can save money on your next home renovation project.

Renovation Corner: Consider these renovation tips BEFORE you start your next project!

Thinking about renovating your home this spring? Not sure where to start?  Is this the first time you’ve decided to undertake a home improvement project? Was the last home renovation project such a horrible experience that you need some pointers on how to make this one less stressful? (Don’t worry you wouldn’t be the only […]

Open House Safety Tips

Open houses are a necessary part of putting your home on the market and one of the tools that will help to sell you property.  What buyer wouldn’t want to inspect their potential new home and what could be the largest investment they have?  Unfortunately, whether it is a public open house or a private […]

Open House Safety Tips

Open houses are a necessary part of putting your home on the market. Here are some safety tips for preparing your home and yourself, for an open house.

7 Tips For Creating Your Condo Balcony Garden

Attention condominium dwellers:  just because you live in a condo and don’t have a backyard doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a beautiful garden!  With a bit of planning you can create a condo balcony garden oasis and as a bonus extend your overall living space. Like many gardeners you may be feeling the call of […]

Kitchen Organization: Some great ideas to keep your kitchen ready for the cook!

Do you ever find yourself frustrated by the mess in your kitchen cupboards? When you open your pantry door do 10 things fall out before you’ve touched even one thing? Have you ever searched and searched (and searched) for a canned product that you know you bought on your last visit to the grocery store?

DIY Friday: Tips for the inexperienced shoveller

In honour of the what is already being called the worst storm Toronto has seen since 2008, I decided that this DIY Friday blog would be an ideal time to post some simple shoveling tips. Check them out and happy shovelling!

Renovating Your Bathroom? Check out these sensible tips

Planning to remodel or renovate your bathroom in 2013? You are probably not alone as bathroom renovations are pretty popular with homeowners. Whether you are renovating for yourself or are getting your home ready for selling, there are a few things you should keep in mind before starting your project.

An Organized Kitchen: Tips for keeping your kitchen neat and tidy!

The kitchen is arguably one of, if not the most important rooms of your home. It is also a space that can easily get messy, unorganized and so easily cluttered with, well pretty much anything! Wondering what you can do to alleviate the frustration of a messy kitchen? Check out this list of ideas for organizing the heart of your home!

Go From Listed To Sold In 2013: The Charles Francis Team’s tips to selling your home in the 2013 real estate market

In any market it is important to make sure that your home is ready for potential buyers to fall in love with; you want to present buyers with a home that they walk into and want to make it their own. So how do you do that? Below you will find a list of tips, put together by my team, to give you some insight into what steps you can take for successfully turning that listed sign into a sold sign!