Choosing a Fence: 3 simple steps

A great-looking fence adds tremendous value to your home – whether it’s resale value or your own enjoyment of it over the years.

Property Taxes: Information You Should Know

Property taxes are a reality for all home owners in Toronto. Here is some additional information about taxes in the City of Toronto.

Dealing With Winter Damage In Your Yard

Winter damage has been particularly brutal on many yards and gardens this year, here are tips on how to deal with it now that it is spring.

Home Safety: 10 ways to make your property more secure

Safety and security are a  concern for many Canadian homeowners.    With a little work and regular maintenance around your house and property, you can do a lot to make sure you and your family feel as safe as possible.   Really, it’s worth it!  After all, who doesn’t want that feeling of safety in […]

Home Security: Are Your Doors and Locks Safe?

Burglary is among the greatest concerns of most families and homeowners, yet home security is something many of us take for granted.

Decorating On A Budget: Paint projects to spruce up your home

Here are a few simple and budget-friendly paint projects to try in your home. Have fun!

Homeowners Corner: Tips for reference checking

Most likely you are familiar with the concept of reference checking.  Perhaps you’ve had to give references to a potential employer. Perhaps you’ve had to check a potential employees references.  Reference checking is fairly standard in the Human Resource world and it should be no different in the world of Home Renovations! If you haven’t […]

Dog Friendly Gardening: A list of plants that could harm your dog

Dog friendly gardening: if you own a dog you need to be aware that there are many plants that can harm or kill your dog. Here is a list of toxic plants.

DIY Friday: 8 tips for optimizing your home’s lighting

Good lighting an essential for creating a welcoming atmosphere and as a bonus is a great way to show off your homes décor.

Sellers Corner: Emotionally detaching yourself from your home

When it comes time to sell your home part of the key to helping the process go smoothly is emotionally detaching yourself from your house.